Summer School on Global and Combinatorial Methods in Fundamental Physics 2021

Dirac algebroid formed by General Relativity’s constraints

Seminar 1) Interplay between foliations and algebroids
Seminar 2) Combinatorial improvements in understanding of Dirac-type Algorithms for constrained systems. 
Seminar 3) Using differential geometric flow methods to better understand the subsequent Problem of Observables
Seminar 4) how  deriving spacetime from space rests on cohomology

Latest Articles

Shape (In)dependent Inequalities for Triangleland’s Jacobi and Democratic-Linear Ellipticity Quantitities

Abstract Sides and medians are both Jacobi coordinate magnitudes. These furthermore enter equably into the spherical coordinates on Kendall’s shape sphere and the Hopf coordinates. This motivates treating medians on the same footing as sides in the geometry of triangles and the ensuing Shape Theory. In this article, we consequently reformulate inequalities for the medians…