To Register: email Edward Anderson, including

1) Name

2) Affiliation

If additionally you request to speak, include also

3) Talk Title + Abstract of up to 100 words. This should be in the body of the email or as an attachment
in LaTeX without macros, special packages or style files.

4) Your Position (Research Student, Postdoc, Academic Staff, Specified Other)

5) If you are a Research Student wishing to speak, you should additionally ask your Supervisor
to send a brief email stating that they support your request to speak.

All information regarding requests to speak should arrive by March 19, as that is when we will
begin to make the Conference Schedule. We’ll do what we can about late requests, but we cannot
guarantee that all reasonable such will be accommodated.

Talks will be selected by the local organisers based on abstracts submitted by the participants,
and will be screened for relevance to the meeting.
If there are more talks than slots available,
preference will be given to junior researchers (research students and postdocs).
Senior participants are assured that by submitting an abstract
they will not prevent a junior participant from speaking.

Unregistered persons are also welcome in the audience,
but registered people will be given preference in the unlikely event of a shortage of seats.


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